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Reloading plate – Flower of Life 13cm – Orange


Orange Flower of Life charging plate for charging jewelry, bracelets, semi-precious stones, …


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Superb charge plate carved and cut in wood by me. You can use this plate to charge all your jewelry, bracelets, stones,…

The Flower of Life is a symbol widely used in sacred geometry. It represents a rosette representing all the elements that make up the earth (DNA, plants, minerals, mathematical formulas, etc.).

Over time, this symbol can be found in many civilizations. Leonardo da Vinci studied in particular its form and meaning. Even today, the flower of life fascinates.
This symbol is known for its high vibration rate, making it an excellent ally for charging rocks or harmonizing one’s habitat.

How do you use your charge plate?

Put your bracelets, stones, etc… on the plate for several hours (but I advise you to leave them overnight). The longer the stone remains on the plate, the more effective reloading becomes.

I’m also often asked how often to recharge your stones. I will answer you that it depends on many things: your situation, your environment, your energy level, … But I still advise you to charge your stones at least once a week, or even more often if you feel the need.

  • Size: 13 cm
  • Color : Orange
  • Materials: Wood

Product inspection carried out by me before shipping.

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